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Mini Metro is the brand name as the manufacturers and suppliers of E Rickshaw. We known for our quality and the durability of our products. as the huge manufacturers and the suppliers of E Rickshaw, We became very famous in Rajasthan. And we are the best E Rickshaw manufacturers in Rajasthan. Everyone trust our brand. Our E Rickshaw manufacturers design the E Rickshaw in such manner that they look good and different from others Rickshaw.

E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Jaipur

Mini Metro E Rickshaw is very famous in all over India. We are one of the huge E Rickshaw manufacturers in Alwar, E Rickshaw manufacturers in Jaipur, E Rickshaw manufacturers in Ajmer. Our E Rickshaw is highly durable in nature. Because our Electric Rickshaw uses the international way to make the E Rickshaw.

Our name is spread nationally. Our E Rickshaw manufacturers firstly look up to the clients’ needs and want, and accordingly they manufacturers the E Rickshaw. We are also the large E Rickshaw manufacturers in Jodhpur and E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Kota. Our E Rickshaw is lower in cost and we give 100% durability warranty.

E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Alwar E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Jaipur
E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Ajmer E Rickshaw Manufacturers in jodhpur
E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Kota
E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Rajasthan

Technical Specification

Sr.No. Technical Details
1 loading capacity 400 Kg
2 maximum Speed 25 Kmph
3 Tire Size Spedways, 30x14
4 Brakes Mechanical Drum Brakes (Both Front & Rear)
5 Peak Motor Power BLDC 850(Watt) Nanpu
6 Controller 24 Tube
7 Battery Exide
8 Front Suspension Hydraulic Shocker with Spring
9 Rear Suspension Leaf Spring
10 Chasis Tubular (Powder Coating)
11 Color As per Customer Choice
12 Runing in One Charge 80-10Kmph
13 Charger' 48V, 12 Amps. (SMPS based) (make : Axiom)
14 Transmision Mode Transaxle
15 Parking Brake Available
16 Safety Lock in Driver Seat Available
17 Battery Clamp Available
18 Emergency Cut Off Switch Available (in Handi)
19 Battery Discharge Meter indicator Available
20 Spedo Meter Available
21 Charging Time 9-10 hrs,
22 Flor Mat Available

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